Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mass un-delete

Well I finally did it. Yes that's right I managed to write a business rule that was so well tested that it deleted all 12000 change tasks in our system. Whoops! Not too big of a deal right?! Thankfully I caught it pretty quickly and managed to run the below script which set everything straight. It was a bit too cumbersome to undelete them 100 at a time from the list view.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fill in catalog item variables from a URL

Ever wanted to fill in variables for your Service Now catalog items from a URL. We had to build this to fix a business process problem and I thought I'd share it.

First we built a UI action on the originating table where we were passing values from this table into the catalog item form. The script would grab the values we wanted to pass into the catalog item.

Next we had to put an onLoad script into the catalog item to handle capturing the values and passing them into the correct variables in the catalog item.